LXM Group is a finance company servicing institutional and corporate clients around the world. We provide investment banking, corporate finance, debt management, research and brokerage services across liquid and illiquid markets.

The Group was founded in 2010 as an agency equity brokerage and today services a broad network of banks, funds, family offices and corporations from offices in London, New York and Athens. At LXM we have a strong track record of delivering for our clients throughout economic cycles and political uncertainty. Volumes of flow in our Equity, Credit and Foreign Exchange franchises continue to increase as we receive further recognition and expand our operations, covering more products in wider jurisdictions. This includes our new offering: LXM Alpha, an emerging and frontier market research platform that will further enhance our research capabilities and provide clients with accurate and original local analysis. We have also hired strategically across the Group as we continue to look for bright and talented individuals that complement our teams.

Our Investment Banking and Debt Management teams have gone from strength to strength as their expertise has allowed us to capitalise on a market where requirements to fill capital deficits and restructure corporate balance sheets have grown significantly. In recent years, we have been mandated to raise over €2 billion in capital: the majority of these funds were invested in complex restructurings. Concurrently, we have transacted in €2.7 billion of performing and non-performing loans, further securing the Group’s position as one of the largest NPL brokers and managers in Southern Europe. We continue to provide advisory services for our corporate clients as we take an active part in the Euro area recovery process.

LXM is proud to continue its substantial investment in social projects, a pivotal part of our Group since its inception. These include a global internship programme and annual donations to worthy causes. These initiatives underpin our commitment to contribute positively to the communities within which we operate and we look forward to continuing our support in the years to come. Undoubtedly the coming year will have its challenges, but with our deep-rooted expertise, ever-growing team and our unwavering dedication to our partners and clients, we are confident that we will continue to serve their best interests in the times ahead.


As well as a positive financial impact, we also strongly believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate.


Brief biographies of LXM's team. Our specialists average over 20 years' experience in their respective fields.


LXM strives to be a trusted partner to our clients, delivering outstanding services while acting responsibly, transparently and managing risk prudently.


We bring together a skilled, multi-lingual team from a diverse range of backgrounds to meet the growing demands of our international client base.